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Argentina's Peso Plummets: Citizens Discuss the Adoption of Bitcoin Transactions

The Argentine peso plunged by more than 10% shortly after the country's central bank announced measures to tighten controls on the movement of foreign currency.


Bitcoin Trading Will Become a Trend, U.S. Company Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Luxury Aircrafts

Aviatrade Inc., a New Jersey-based aircraft sales company, is now accepting bitcoin as a means of payment for its range of multi-million dollar luxury jets.


A Leaked EU Draft Document Suggests Strengthening the Regulation of Crypto Assets

EU draft document reveals that both issuers of cryptoassets and providers of related activities will have to make crucial choices as they face what is described by industry experts as a “wave of regulatory obligations.”


Mastercard Releases Platform Enabling Central Banks to Test Digital Currencies

Payments giant Mastercard has released a platform that allows central banks to test how proposed central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) would work in real life.


Morgan Stanley Head of Emerging Markets: Millennials Prefer Bitcoin (BTC) To Gold

Expect heightened inflation as early as 2021, Morgan Stanley's executive states. Millennials prefer Bitcoin to gold in investments.


Starbucks to let customers trace their coffee’s provenance from bean to brew

Starbucks, the biggest coffee shop chain in the world, now allows its customers to trace the origins of its coffee using Microsoft's blockchain solution.

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