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Amber was built with the view that transparent and open financial systems make markets more accessible and efficient. We take a hands-on approach and build technologies and applications that we find exciting. If you’re building something and want to partner, reach out.


KeeperDAO is an economic redistribution protocol and virtual mempool, which allows users and keepers (automated on-chain agents) to coordinate, capture, and distribute miner extractable value (MEV) arising from trading and liquidations on Ethereum. KeeperDAO promotes cooperation between users and keepers to hide MEV by wrapping trades/debt in specialized on-chain contracts. It maximises the profits available from these opportunities by having priority access. The profits are then shared directly with the user as a reward for using KeeperDAO.

KeeperDAO eliminates priority gas auctions which reduces Ethereum network congestion. This leads to lower gas prices and a better trading experience for the user. Not only do users not have to pay gas, but they no longer have to worry about front running or slippage based attacks. Read more here.

Elektro is a technical framework for fully collateralized and composable derivatives with an associated clearing engine.

The Elektro protocol leverages Frequent Batch Auctions (FBAs). In FBAs, time is treated as discrete instead of continuous, and orders are processed in auction batches instead of serially. This eliminates front-running and creates a uniform clearing price.

By utilizing FBAs to clear derivatives, we can decompose the clearing of financial contracts into packages of ‘atomic’ instruments, using put-call parity relationships. This enables order matching at the atomic instrument level, and for ‘synthetic’ orders to be formed via replication principles involving multiple interdependent legs. Reach out if you want to learn more about this technology. Read more here.


LootSwag is a tool built for the Loot community. The Loot project is a collection of 8,000 NFTs generated as items to be used in games or projects made by the community. This has led to the generation of communities, developer tools, guilds, market trackers, and derivative projects using Loot Bags in their worlds.

LootSwag allows you to visualize your loot items. It also generates an avatar of a character wearing the skins. Anyone with an Ethereum address can generate a free avatar and a set of 8 skins. These avatars can be presented in different formats and sizes (such as pixelated characters) for any Web3 project to build on top of.Read more here and here.

Academic Partnerships
Amber Group supports blockchain academic research around the globe.
Amber is committed to providing resources to and working together with our academic partners to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. The Amber Innovation Initiative is established to tackle challenges, drive innovation, and accelerate academic research in blockchain, digital assets, and fintech.
32+ Dedicated researchers across 5 different countries
4+ On-going research projects
1M+ USD in funding


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