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Amber Group is a leading global crypto finance service provider. We help individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, hedge funds and institutions access, trade and manage cryptocurrencies. We are your gateway to crypto finance.

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Leading Global Crypto Finance Service Provider

Asset Management

Liquidity Solutions

Structured Products

Fixed Income Products

Earn attractive fixed rates on major cryptocurrencies and USD-stablecoins including BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC.

Yield Enhancement

Enhance your yield through customized structured products.

Margin Trading

Use your interest-bearing assets as margin to hedge your portfolio assets or capture upside in volatile markets.

A Trusted Partner For All Your Needs

$250B+ in Volume

Global Presence

500+ Institutional Clients

We are the market leader in pricing, trading and hedging complex cryptocurrency products. On an average day, we trade between $300M to $400M in cash, futures, swaps, options and other derivatives. We are major participants on more than 60+ electronic exchanges and alternative trading venues across the world and have cumulatively traded over $250B across all products and categories.

Our core value is building strong relationships with our clients: helping them buy and sell cryptocurrency products, manage risk and access liquidity. We are a team of 200+ entrepreneurial technologists, quantitative researchers, traders and engineers on a mission to unlock the value of crypto finance. We operate around the clock and around the globe, with a presence in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and Vancouver.

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