We believe in using the open web and blockchain technology to make combating climate change more efficient. We empower our users to participate in the buildout of robust carb corporations obtain and surrender emissions permits or offsets. on markets which will allow the decarbonisation of society on the path to fulfilling Paris agreement’s net zero commitments. Carbon markets are marketplaces through which investors and corporations obtain and surrender emissions permits or offsets.

The main goal of the carbon market is to drive finance to climate-positive projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon credits are the vehicle that connects carbon projects with consumers, by allowing the purchase and retirement of credits to achieve climate targets. A carbon credit represents a measurable and verifiable removal, reduction, or avoidance of GHG emissions and is denominated in tCO2e (tonne of CO2 equivalent). To ensure the effectiveness of carbon offsetting, it is important to support projects that are guided by science and executed with integrity. Done properly, carbon offsetting can be an efficient way to invest in our future.
Voluntary Carbon Markets are emerging as an investable asset class. Government and corporate pledges to net zero are rapidly increasing, and Amber Group’s initiatives will promote the following:
Renewable Energy Support
Clarity and strengthening of price signals to incentivize investment in carbon removal projects, forest protection, nature based solutions, and additive renewable energy support
Significantly Aid the Reliability of Provenance
Standardization of carbon certification processes based on transparency and sustainability. Permissionless blockchain consensus mechanisms can significantly aid the reliability of provenance and therefore adoption
Secondary Markets
Sourcing, tokenization, and market making of carbon offsets to promote healthy and liquid secondary markets
To address the climate change crisis, deep and liquid carbon markets are the most powerful tool available, allowing for alignment between investment portfolios and planet-positive economics. Voluntary Carbon Markets will grow by orders of magnitude over the next decade. The climate crisis will necessitate a platform that allows users to do well by doing good - a challenge that Amber Group is excited to meet.
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