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Fintech Firm Cashaa is Opening Physical Crypto Bank Branches in India

The new venture will reportedly include 34 “physical branches and operations” in northern India.

Interest in bitcoin has soared as industry gurus praise the currency

Interest In Bitcoin Spikes as PayPal, JPMorgan, and Kanye West Praise BTC

Former US Treasury Adviser Serves as an Executive of a Blockchain Technology Company

PayPal-Backed Blockchain Analytics Firm Hires Former US Treasury Adviser

PayPal Officially Confirmed to Enter the Cryptocurrency Market

PayPal to offer crypto payments starting in 2021

New Crypto Advisory for FCMs Issued by CFTC

CFTC officials publish new crypto advisory for futures commission merchants

Big Tech Is Pushing the Adoption of Cryptocurrency by Making it Accessible Than Ever

Big Tech Is Making Cryptocurrency More Accessible Than Ever

Canada’s Central Bank Takes Further Action to Develop a Central Bank Digital Currency

With job listing, Canada’s central bank takes additional steps towards a CBDC

Chinese Banks Are Speeding up Blockchain-based Innovations

Chinese Banks Stepping up Blockchain Cross-border Trade Financing