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Spain Becomes the First Country to Send Cryptocurrencies to Lawmakers

All 350 members of Spain's lower house got 1 euro equivalent in cryptocurrency, and it's not a donation.

Digital Currency Lottery Is Launched in China to Promote Digital Currency Electronic Payment Strategy

Officials in Luohu District, Shenzhen, are set to give out as much as 10 million yuan ($1.49 million USD) to local residents in the form of China's long-in-the-making digital currency for a week-long trial run.

Bank of Japan begins digital currency proof-of-concept, marking a milestone of digital currency in Japan

In a recent document from the Bank of Japan, the central bank stressed the need for offline availability.

A Number of Central Banks Join the Discussion on Central Bank Digital Currencies

With Central Bank Digital Currencies a point of focus across the globe, a number of countries' banking authorities have jointly produced a document discussing the currency type at length.

JPMorgan's Blockchain Lead Is Heading Ethereum-Based Interbank Information Network

JPMorgan Blockchain Lead Christine Moy has been promoted to lead the bank's Ethereum-based Interbank Information Network (IIN), according to a memo sent to employees on Thursday.

Blockchain-powered Framework Is Introduced by KPMG for Clients to Track Their Environmental Footprint

Big Four accounting firm KPMG is positioning a new blockchain-based accounting capability to help companies in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Blockchain-Powered Platform Is Introduced by BMW in South Korea

BMW Korea has launched a blockchain-powered “lifestyle” platform that rewards South Korean car owners with tokens they can redeem against flight tickets and maintenance payments.

Square Invests $50 Million in Bitcoin

Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's payment company, has purchased $50 million worth of bitcoin.