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DeFi could disrupt the existing financial system the way e-commerce disrupted retailing

DeFi—using cryptocurrency technology to recreate traditional financial instruments such as loans and interest—grew from a market of around $700 million in January 2020 to $15 billion just a year later.

Rakuten is allowing users to spend bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at merchants throughout Japan

E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Now Lets Users Shop With Cryptocurrency. The move opens up crypto payments at thousands of merchants across Japan that accept Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Point Card.

Lawmakers Urge Greater Crypto Appeal Despite Purported Costs

Motivated by the explosive growth in blockchain technology and the increased spotlight at cryptocurrencies, Kentucky lawmakers are busy crafting legislation designed to appeal to mining operations.

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has brought back its bitcoin trading desk

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has brought back its bitcoin trading desk and will start handling bitcoin futures next week.

BlackRock Is Trading Bitcoin Futures

Earlier in March, Goldman Sachs announced the reboot of its cryptocurrency trading desk and an upcoming launch of bitcoin futures trading.

Bitcoin on balance sheet attracts negative attention from anti-crypto banks

Having over 90,000 BTC on the balance sheet could see a company’s stock blacklisted by banks that remain crypto detractors.

Bitcoin Breaks Through $55,000 as Risk Appetite Revives

Largest cryptocurrency still on track for second weekly gain Signs of institutional interest have supported token’s price

Virtual currency holders need to be careful about your tax returns

Investors and market watchers were not the only ones paying attention to the meteoric rise of virtual currency - the Department of Treasury and FinCen have also been watching and planning for changes in virtual currency reporting requirements.