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Central Bank-backed Digital Yuan Will Be Compatible with Wechat Pay And Alipay

Details regarding the digital yuan's characteristics are taking shape.

NFT Painting of Ethereum Co-Founder in Harlequin Garb Sets Record in Weekend Crypto Art Sale

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, dressed like a medieval harlequin leaning against a velvet chair, stares past the viewer into the distance – that is, until he’s rocketed into the sky while Ethereum’s price flashes on the screen.

One More City in China Is Ready to Test Digital Yuan

The Chinese city of Suzhou is reportedly rolling out a wider test for the country’s central bank digital currency, the digital yuan in "red packets" starting next month.

Stalecoins Created for the Latin American Market Facilitates Cross-Borader Payments

A partnership between Settle Network and Stellar to create stablecoins should make things easier for the unbanked to send and receive remittances.

US Firm Introduces Bitcoin as an Investment for Retirement

After running a year-long test, Digital Asset Investment Management (DAiM), a U.S.-based crypto investment adviser, has launched what it says are the first company-sponsored retirement plans supporting bitcoin.

Private Digital Currency Will Be Tested in 2021 in Top Japanese Industrial and Financial Institutions

More than 30 major Japanese firms, including banks, are set to trial a common, private digital currency next year to improve payments.

Arizona State University Use Blockchain-Powered Platform to Track Coronavirus

A good example is the launch of blockchain-powered app to track COVID-19.

Google Pay Adds New Tools to Complete Its Digital Banking Service Offerings

The brand new version, which still in an invite-only ‘early access’ mode, now offers built-in budgeting and spending tools in its digital banking service.