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A Blockchain-Powered AI Bot Can Sell Car Insurance Independently

A new virtual assistant powered by blockchain can complete insurance contracts without human assistance.

Lebanon is Planning to Launch its Digital Currency in 2021

Lebanon has announced that it is launching a digital currency in 2021 after several years of planning.

China Construction Bank Launched the First Publicly Listed Debt Security on a Blockchain

China Construction Bank has launched blockchain-based digital bonds that can be bought for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin And Stock Markets Perform Extremely Well Thanks to COVID Vaccine

Markets across the globe had one of their busiest days as Bitcoin trading volumes surged as did stock markets on hopes of a COVID cure.

A Structural Frame on Stablecoins to Be Built by UK Treasury

The UK Treasury will put out guidelines on private stablecoins.

SEC Looking Which Institutions is Qualified for Taking Custody of Client Digital Assets

A public statement from staff within the SEC’s Division of Investment Management indicates the agency is evaluating the term "qualified custodian" as it relates to digital assets.

Plans to Test Digital Currency in Beijing Are Discussed

Beijing Municipal Government Conference Notes Plans to Pilot CBDC in China’s Capital

Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller Invests in Bitcoin

Billionaire reverses his negative stance on cryptocurrency and start to buy bitcoins.