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Bakong Blockchain Payments Systems Wass Launched in Cambodia

Cambodia’s blockchain-based payments platform – the digital currency-like system Cambodian central bankers call Bakong – went live on Wednesday, according to the country’s central bank.

Asian Banks Get Ready for Crypto Takeoff as Thailand' s SCB Revs DeFi Engines

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), one of Thailand’s biggest commercial banks, is set to partner/collaborate with a local DeFi player through a subsidiary

Canada’s Digital Currency Project Moving Past Trial Stage According to Bank Governor

Bank of Canada Governor Says Digital Dollar Project Moving Past Trial Stage

JP Morgan Welcomes Banks and Fintechs to Build on Its Revamped Blockchain-based Network

JPMorgan Invites Banks and Fintechs to Build on Its Revamped Blockchain Network

22 Indian Physical Branches Will Provide Crypto Financial Service

India’s digital assets space continues to see rapid development, with the latest news from the subcontinent being cryptocurrency financial services offered at physical branches.

$8M of Tokens Are Distributed to Listeners and Musicians on Audius

Audius has retroactively distributed $8 million in governance tokens to musicians and listeners who have been using the platform.

Beijing Has Adopted 100 Uses for Blockchain in the Government Services Sector

Beijing Government Already Has 100 Uses for Blockchain, Says Expert

WordPress Publishers Are Now Able to Timestamp Content on Ethereum

A WordPress plugin allows publishers to timestamp content on Ethereum for immutability and copyright protection.