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Bitcoin bombs below $50,000 as bears question its true worth

Bitcoin’s losses accelerated, with prices tumbling below $50,000, as investors started to bail on the market’s frothiest assets.

Bitcoin slumps further after Bill Gates, Janet Yellen become latest to question the cryptocurrency’s durability

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates were the latest to weigh into a debate over the digital coin

Amber Group boosts its crypto trading infrastructure security with AnChain.AI

Blockchain security company AnChain.AI today announced its partnership with crypto finance company Amber Group...

Hong Kong Considers a Crypto Trading Ban on Retail Investors

Annabelle Huang joins "First Mover" to provide an update on the regulatory environment in Asia

Bitcoin Is Not A Bubble Anymore, Says Amber Group Co-Founder And CEO In CNBC Interview

Over the past 12 years, bitcoin has gone from being a fringe asset to one adopted by mainstream investors and traditional financial institutions as they realize its digital gold properties...

Wu: Bitcoin is far superior than just a better form of gold

Michael Wu, CEO of Amber Group, offered his view on the current narrative of the cryptocurrency market as a better form of gold.

Bitcoin is not a bubble anymore, Amber Group CEO says

Bitcoin will still have notable value fluctuations, but it's out of bubble territory, according to Michael Wu.

Bitcoin’s ‘worst case scenario’ is being a better form of gold, crypto investor says

Bitcoin's 'worst case scenario' is being a better form of gold, Amber Group co-founder and CEO Michael Wu said in CNBC interview.