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Investing with Confidence: Amber Group x Fenbushi Capital Event

By Amber Group 04/23/2023, 3 min read time


The year 2022 has been a tumultuous one for the crypto industry, with uncertainty and volatility affecting investor confidence in digital assets. To address this, Amber Group and Fenbushi Capital hosted a cocktail networking event themed “Investing with Confidence” on the evening of April 14th in Hong Kong.


The event was held during the Web3 Festival and aimed to showcase Amber Group’s commitment to security while sharing its product roadmap with clients, industry partners, and friends of Amber. We are delighted to share that the event was a great success, with around 200 crypto enthusiasts, investors and innovators in attendance. 


Opening Remarks: A Warm Welcome from Amber Group CEO, Michael Wu


Michael Wu, Co-Founder & CEO of Amber Group


The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from our CEO, Michael Wu, who shared some of the exciting activities and progress we have been undertaking to provide investors with a secure and reliable investment option over the past few months.


“We believe that digital assets are poised to become a trusted long-term investment option for investors,” Michael said, “we will continue to leverage our expertise and knowledge in digital assets, as well as our robust security capabilities, to help investors make informed decisions and invest in digital assets for the long haul.”


Rebuilding Investor Confidence: Gamma Digital Limited


Roland Sun, Partner of Fenbushi Capital


The event also introduced Gamma Digital Limited, a fund management company jointly launched by Amber Group and Fenbushi Capital to rebuild investor confidence with transparency, security, and compliance. The company is dedicated to ensuring secure investments and providing investors with peace of mind when investing in the crypto space.


Fenbushi Capital’s partner, Roland Sun, highlighted Gamma’s focus on security and transparency and the aim to provide secure and reliable investment products that investors can trust in the crypto industry.


Unwavering Commitment to Security: How Amber Group is Leading the Way in Crypto Security


Dr. Chiachih Wu, Partner & Head of Web3 Security Team of Amber Group


Amber Group’s Head of Web3 Security Team, Dr. Chiachih Wu, also shared our security practices and achievements in safeguarding clients’ assets and the ecosystem. These practices include internal auditing, transaction monitoring and analysis, and detecting and preventing hacking attempts. Dr. Wu emphasized the team’s unwavering commitment to advancing Web3 and blockchain security while ensuring the security of clients’ assets.


Wrap-Up: Thank You for Joining Us


Overall, the event was a fantastic opportunity for Amber Group to showcase its commitment to security and transparency and to engage with industry partners during the Web3 Festival. We are grateful to all who joined us to make the networking event a resounding success. As the industry continues to evolve, Amber Group is dedicated to providing genuine financial protection and delivering returns that outperform the market. 


For more information on Amber Group and to stay up-to-date on future events, please visit or follow us on Twitter at


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