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TG Security Group Announcement

By Amber Group 05/15/2023, 3 min read time

At Amber Group, we deeply care about the security and safety of your assets. As we continuously strive to build a healthy digital asset ecosystem, we are also deeply concerned about the increasing number of phishing attacks and other kinds of scams that have been plaguing the industry. 


Telegram is one of the platforms most affected by this. It is both a great space for keeping up to date with the latest industry events and discussing recent developments, as well as a space where investors are more vulnerable to social engineering scams and other kinds of attacks.  


For this reason, our Security Team has compiled a checklist of security and privacy measures you can take to ensure your Telegram account is safe, and that you're interacting with our official team members. 


1. Look for the Amber Group official logo

  • [amber_admin_bot] is the official AMBER bot account. Please make sure that this bot account is in all of the AMBER telegram groups you join. We also recommend including the AMBER bot in all private and public communications with Amber Group team members happening on Telegram. 

2. Make sure it is the exact ID of the [amber_admin_bot]  

  • The ID of the officially authorized group bot [amber_admin_bot] is @amber_admin_bot 

  • For more information on how to find the bot's official ID, please read the “Telegram Security Tips



Official Bot Account Logo



Official robot  identification ID



3. Ensure the safety of your communication with Amber Group Sales representatives on Telegram

  • If you need to have a private chat with an Amber Sales representative, please make sure that the private chat also includes the official AMBER-authorized bot – the [amber_admin_bot] account.

  • If it is not in the chat, you can ask the AMBER Sales representative to add the AMBER official bot to the chat so that you can ensure you are really talking to one of our colleagues. 


4. Before carrying out any high-risk operations such as large-volume transactions, withdrawals, transfers, swaps, or whitelisting a wallet address, please confirm the reason and purpose of the operation through multiple channels, and carefully confirm the recipient's wallet address.


5. Please be aware of the risk of wallet address transfer scams. Under no circumstances will an AMBER official representative ask you to transfer your account. All such requests are fraudulent.

You can find more details on how to protect your account here: “Telegram Security Tips“.


Any questions? Contact us via our social media channels: