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Fast & convenient: Swap between fiat USD and BTC

By Amber Group 07/04/2023, 3 min read time

After the collapse of some key digital asset-friendly banks, investors are faced with increased challenges when it comes to converting fiat to digital currencies, and back. At the same time, banks are requiring higher compliance and security standards when joining hands with digital asset companies to ensure that the assets, information, and rights of investors are adequately protected. 


With Amber, this is no longer a problem. 


Amber has recently partnered with a US FDIC-insured bank (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC) to provide secure and reliable fiat on/off ramps services to its clients. 


With WhaleFin, Amber's proprietary digital asset platform, it is now possible to swap between fiat USD and the digital assets of your choice in just a few taps. Amber’s services ensure low transaction fees, significantly lower than the industry average, fast and secure transactions, and fee refunds for VIP clients.



How much more convenient?


With WhaleFin

  • Transaction amount: US$100,000
  • Transaction fee on WhaleFin: 0.5%
  • Processing time: Within 24h
  • Transaction fee in USD: US$500


With other platforms

  • Transaction amount: US$100,000
  • Average transaction fee: 2-3%
  • Processing time: Within 24h
  • Transaction fee in USD: US$2,000-3,000