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Amber Group Launches ”Digital Assets” Content Hub on Economist Impact

By Amber Group 07/27/2023, 3 min read time

We are pleased to share that Amber Group has partnered with Economist Impact on a content hub titled “Building the future of digital assets”. The hub features executive outlook interviews and advertorials co-created with Economist Intelligence, as well as an Amber Group-supported white paper on data portability. The content delves into the digital asset industry, showcasing Amber Group’s core businesses and perspectives on security, regulation, and more.


Amber Group CEO on Crypto Industry and Strategy for 2023



Our CEO, Michael Wu, shares his insights on the cryptocurrency industry and the importance of rebuilding trust. He emphasizes that the past year has been defining, filtering out bad actors and companies that lack governance and risk management. According to Michael, this presents an opportunity for the industry to build back stronger, with better governance, transparency, and investor protections.


Michael highlights our collaborations with industry players, including RockX, BitMart, and Thoughtworks as part of our efforts to transparency and security. At Amber Group, compliance is simply about doing the right thing, which involves investing heavily in transparency and security and working closely with regulators.


Read the full piece here: Reckoning and rebuilding


Amber Group Managing Partner on Rebuilding Trust in the Crypto Industry through Regulation and Transparency