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Amber Group Featured in GlobalData Report on Web3 Security

By GlobalData 10/10/2023, 3 min read time

We are pleased to share that Amber Group has recently been featured in GlobalData’s article titled “Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape of Web3”.


As a respected authority in data analytics and consulting, GlobalData offers industry-leading insights and analysis across various sectors. In this recent article on Web3 security, GlobalData highlights Amber Group's robust security infrastructure and unwavering commitment to enhancing the security of the digital asset industry.


The Growing Cybersecurity Threats


In the article, GlobalData addresses the increasing cybersecurity threats in the Web3 market, including attacks on smart contracts, social engineering attempts, bridge exploits, and wallet breaches. It emphasizes the urgent need for robust security measures to combat these threats effectively. With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), hackers are targeting not only personal accounts but also the underlying infrastructure itself. The article emphasizes the importance of enhancing cybersecurity measures in the crypto industry to mitigate these risks successfully.




Amber Group’s Approach to Security and Risk Management


At Amber Group, we recognize the opportunities and responsibilities that come with operating at the forefront of the emerging Web3 technology sector. As highlighted in the article, we have made substantial investments in our security practices since the inception of our company.



The article highlights several key measures that demonstrate our dedication to security. We employ secure infrastructure from partners like RigSec, utilizing HSM-based encryption for asset custody.


Our risk monitoring and oversight extend across the entire digital asset lifecycle, going beyond mere storage. Compliance is another critical aspect, and we implement controls such as role-based authorization to ensure regulatory adherence.