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WhaleFin Dual Currency: Introducing New ETH/BTC Trading Pair

By blog-post 01/24/2024, 3 min read time

WhaleFin Dual Currency: Unlock Investment Potential


What is WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment?

WhaleFin Dual Currency is a short-term investment vehicle designed to capitalize on investment opportunities and maximize yield during market fluctuations and volatility.  By employing the strategies of "buying low" and "selling high",  investors can generate additional income. To learn more about how returns are calculated in WhaleFin Dual Currency, please refer to our blog post: How to use WhaleFin Dual Currency


The upgraded version of WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment now includes the BTC/ETH trading pair, providing you with more investment options and income potential by holding these two promising cryptocurrencies for long term. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you can benefit from it.


Advantages of WhaleFin ETH/BTC Pair Investment:


  • High Yield: Regardless of the market direction, investors have the opportunity to earn high returns. Under similar market conditions and investment options, WhaleFin offers higher annualized returns than the market average.

  • High Correlation between BTC and ETH Trends:  In a persistent uptrend, acquiring BTC/ETH at a lower price immediately after executing high sell orders can be challenging, resulting in a relative decline in the USD value. However, due to the strong correlation between BTC/ETH trends, the new currency pair tends to maintain a relatively high value after executing new pair orders. As a result, the annualized return rate often surpasses that of fixed-term financial products.

  • Diversified Investment Options:  WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment enables diversified portfolios by holding BTC and ETH simultaneously, two leading cryptocurrencies with impressive growth and long-term investment potential. This approach avoids frequent conversions, allowing investors to capitalize on the attractiveness of BTC and ETH without hassle.

  • Reduced Conversion Costs: Traditionally, investors incur fees and transaction costs when converting between different cryptocurrencies. However, by using WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment with the BTC/ETH trading pair, you can save on frequent conversion operations and reduce conversion costs.


To learn more about the advantages of WhaleFin Dual Currency and determine if it suits your investment needs, we recommend reading our blog post titled "Navigate uncertainty and capitalize on the digital asset market conditions". If you have further questions or inquiries about dual currency investment, we suggest consulting with your dedicated Relations Manager or reaching out to us at [email protected].


Case Study: Optimal Timing for Dual Currency Investment

In a rapidly changing investment environment, investors are always looking for opportunities to achieve higher returns while effectively managing risks. One approach is through WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment, which allows investors to hold both BTC and ETH, the two largest and most active cryptocurrencies. Here is a case study of how Investor A maximized returns using WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment.


BTC Price Highly Correlated with ETH Price


WhaleFin Dual Currency Investment provides an effective way for you to profit from short-term volatility in both bull and bear markets, with multiple applications. For more information on the optimal timing for dual currency investment, please refer to our article: How to capitalize on low and high volatility? With scenarios.


Please remember to always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and fully understand the implications of using dual currency investment before making any investment decisions.


If you have further questions or inquiries about dual currency investment, we recommend consulting with your dedicated account manager or contacting us at [email protected].


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