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Introducing ETH Staking Plus - Maximize Your ETH Staking Returns in One Click

By Amber Group 03/07/2024, 3 min read time

We're excited to announce the launch of ETH Staking Plus, a new staking product developed in partnership with Bedrock and Pendle to help you maximize your ETH staking returns through restaking on WhaleFin. 


With a single click, ETH Staking Plus empowers users to accrue multiplied returns, including ETH staking rewards, Pendle LP incentives, EigenLayer points, Bedrock Diamonds, and potential airdrops from EigenLayer and Bedrock.


What are ETH Staking and Restaking?


ETH staking involves committing your ether (ETH) tokens to validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and passively earn rewards (paid out in additional ETH) for your contribution to securing the network. 


Restaking takes this concept further by leveraging staked ETH to validate other Proof-of-State (PoS) protocols simultaneously. While your staked ETH secures Ethereum, it extends that validation power to generate additional returns for you.


Restaking is all the rage these days. Right now, it's one of the biggest trends in crypto for 2024.


Restaking on WhaleFin: Simple, Secure, Convenient 


While restaking can offer attractive extra rewards for stakers, the process is technical, requiring you to run your own validation node.


WhaleFin's new ETH Staking Plus simplifies this with a few clicks - no expertise or special hardware needed. ETH holders can now benefit from increased restaking yields, with WhaleFin handling security and management.


Simply stake your ETH and let WhaleFin handle the restaking, allowing you to earn extra income without any hassle or risk.