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Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 Recap: Amber Group Engagement Highlights

By Amber Group 04/22/2024, 4 min read time

The Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 concluded after an exciting week of non-stop keynotes, panels, and side events. This prestigious event attracted more than 300 distinguished speakers and an impressive 50,000 attendees from across the globe, showcasing the region's burgeoning enthusiasm for digital assets.


A leading player in the region’s Web3 space, Amber Group was actively involved in the festival, exploring the newest developments and challenges helping to define the evolving Web3 ecosystem through a series of talks and panels with global peers.


TraceInsight: Real-Time Vulnerability Detection of Smart Contract Vulnerabilities


Dr. ChiaChih Wu, Partner & Head of Web3 Security at Amber Group, delivered a keynote speech at the “Web3 Security and Compliance” substage. He shared insights into the challenges of tracking and analyzing smart contract vulnerabilities, as well as the limitations that exist in the Ethereum infrastructure. Through examples like the Fei/Rari Capital Hack, he demonstrated the TraceInsight system, developed by the team to make real-time and early detection of smart contract vulnerabilities possible.




Post Bitcoin ETF: The Shifting Dynamics of the Digital Asset Market


Managing Partner Annabelle Huang joined industry leaders in a discussion on Bitcoin ETFs, emphasizing their prominence and role in facilitating institutional adoption. She shared insights from ETF issuers, revealing a surge in capital inflow with equal participation from retail and institutional investors. Additionally, she expressed anticipation for potential developments in Asian regions like Hong Kong and Singapore that will drive broader institutional participation.




When Western and Eastern VC Meets


At the hack.summit() VC panel, Annabelle outlined key differences in investment approaches between Eastern and Western VCs. She noted that Western VCs tend to favor longer cycles, through research and thesis-driven investing, while Asian VCs lean towards faster liquidity, community engagement, and user traction. Lastly, she also emphasized that good products, teams, and market opportunities are key factors that attract investors at any time and in any place.




Evolving Web3 Landscape: Balancing Innovation and Regulatory Compliance


Partner Lorry Xiong joined Hashkey in a panel discussing the regulatory path of digital assets exchanges while emphasizing the crucial role of regulation and shared commitment to compliance. 




Steven Zhou, Head of Security and Compliance at Amber Group, also expressed optimism about the Hong Kong market under the Hong Kong SFC's clear regulatory framework, at the Meta Era panel on Web3 wallet security and compliance.




Exclusive Event: Amber Premium Night


The event brought together over 200+ Amber friends and partners of Ambers for an evening of networking, thought-provoking conversations, and insightful discussions. Amber Group CEO Michael Wu shared his views on the current market cycle and Bitcoin’s rising to the digital gold, as well as outlook on where bitcoin and crypto will be headed. Partner Vicky Wang shared the Amber Premium digital wealth business and vision to cater to HNW and UHNW individuals.




Exclusive Event: Amber Web3 Lounge


The exclusive event brought together founders and executives from our portfolio of top-tier Web3 startups and projects. The atmosphere was dynamic as the venue buzzed with excitement and energy. In this intimate setting, brilliant minds gathered, fostering an infectious desire to exchange ideas and explore synergies. 






The Amber Group's experience at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 was truly amazing. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise in markets, security, and compliance, and to engage with industry partners. As the industry continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to actively shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem, while maintaining a strong commitment to community engagement.

For more information on Amber Group and to stay up-to-date on future events, please follow us on LinkedIn and join our Telegram channel.

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