News/福布斯报道:Amber Group 合作伙伴Chainalysis已获1亿美元C轮融资
福布斯报道:Amber Group 合作伙伴Chainalysis已获1亿美元C轮融资

Forbes-2020-11-20 21:07:30

据海外媒体福布斯英文网消息,区块链数据分析公司Chainalysis以10亿美元的估值喜获1亿美元融资。而据此前多家媒体报道,全球化加密金融智能服务提供商Amber Group已与Chainalysis达成合作关系,通过Chainalysis的交易监测工具KYT(Know Your Transaction)和数字货币地址调查工具Chainalysis Reactor在加密货币交易安全和合规方面展开合作。


“A new bitcoin unicorn is about to be born. After days of rumors flying around the cryptocurrency industry, investigation firm Chainalysis confirmed exclusively to Forbes it expects to raise $100 million venture capital at a $1 billion valuation as soon as next week.”

报道中还提到,参与此次融资的首席投资者Lee Fixel对Chainalysis极其看好,将其评价为“数字资产未来的金融监管平台”。

”Lead investor, Lee Fixel, described Chainalysis as ’the financial regulatory platform for the future of digital assets,‘ in a statement.“

据Chainalysis透露,此次C轮融资比B轮融资要多很多,因为它有机会收购另一家公司。Chainalysis的CEO官兼联合创始人Michael Gronager表示,加密领域的时机、市场和成熟度将会带来一些有机增长。

“We think that the timing, the market, and the maturity of the crypto space will offer some consolidation, where there might be some inorganic growth that might be on the table,” says Gronager.”


“Though Chainalysis CEO and co-founder Michael Gronager declined to share the actual revenue generated by the firm, Forbes estimates it made $8 million in 2018, and Gronager says its revenue increased by about 96% over the past year. With revenue expected to double next year and again in 2022, the investment is further evidence there’s more money to be made in crypto than by just buying low and selling high.”


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