News/Amber Group Adds CKB Listing on its Crypto Mobile App
Amber Group Adds CKB Listing on its Crypto Mobile App

Coinpage-2021-09-26 10:09:47

Previously, token holders could only lock up CKB in the Nervos DAO and receive a proportional share of the token inflation to avoid token dilution. Now with Amber App becoming the first platform to offer a “flexible term” option for CKB, users can instantly earn interest by simply depositing their CKB on the Amber App and benefit from daily interest payouts. This means earning interest 24/7 with no lock up.

Registered with US FinCEN and Canada FINTRAC as a Money Services Business (MSB), Amber Group services over 500 institutions and has cumulatively traded over $500 billion on 100+ electronic exchanges, with over $1.5 billion in assets under management. Recently, the company closed a $100 million Series B funding round and became the latest fintech unicorn valued over $1 billion.

In early Q3 2020, Amber Group launched the Amber App in an effort to broaden its crypto finance services to individual users. The launch saw an impressive user increase, with the number of registered users crossing 100,000 in just half a year. Designed for all levels of crypto users – whether you are a beginner or an expert – the Amber App offers users an extensive product suite, including a bundle of interest rate products. With its Earn offerings, users can earn up to 5% APY on deposits and close to 10% APR on customizable subscriptions between 1 and 360 days.

Right now, new users can earn up to 16% APR on BTC, ETH, and USD-stablecoins. The Amber App is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store in over 140 countries and regions. Download the Amber App:

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