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WhaleFin is Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform for individuals. WhaleFin empowers investors to build wealth in the digital era. Built with Amber’s deep expertise in institutional and consumer markets, WhaleFin is an all-in-one platform serving as the preferred digital asset gateway for customers at any experience level.

All WhaleFin users can access institutional-grade trading tools through a seamless interface on mobile app and desktop browser. Our ‘lite’ version enables beginners to buy, earn and swap assets simply and securely while our ‘pro’ version offers advanced trading features for experienced investors and active traders.

Subject to local regulatory requirements, WhaleFin's structured products increase returns on capital while still allowing flexibility. Clients enjoy customization of token, linked price, and maturity dates, offering innovative ways to grow a portfolio of digital assets.

Access to high yield savings and investing products

Trade at true cost

Powered by Amber Group, WhaleFin clients enjoy tight spreads and low fees. Our proprietary execution algorithms help clients execute trades with minimal market impact. Automated transaction cost analysis reports provide clients with smarter and more transparent trading.

Do more with your portfolio

Built with features including daily interest payout and early funds redemption, clients can easily trade in over 100 assets at competitive prices. Clients also enjoy collateral flexibility, allowing margin trading strategies with custom loan tenors.


WhaleFin leverages multi-party computation (MPC) technology in partnership with leading security infrastructure providers to give clients complete peace of mind.

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Connectivity & API

Our fast, flexible, and fully documented REST and WebSocket APIs allow you to connect your own front-end solutions to our industry-leading liquidity, execution algorithms, fixed income, and yield-enhancement products. Trading with APIs allows you to build a unique UX or embed new products, services and functionality into your existing UI and infrastructure.

Access our entire product infrastructure, including instrument and portfolio data, quotes, order placement, market data, and event notifications with speed and efficiency. Take advantage of our cross-collateralized account system to manage risk and netting across a wide variety of products with full customization, allowing for real time position keeping and account management. For any support you may need, we have a team of experts ready to help.

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Card & Payments


The WhaleFin Card allows flexible spending while you earn interest on your digital assets with no added service fees. Through partnerships with Mastercard and Unionpay, WhaleFin card is accepted at over 50 million merchants worldwide.


WhaleFin Pay is also a payment gateway for digital assets, allowing fast payment checkouts and instant fiat settlement for merchants and businesses. Our merchant partners can integrate with WhaleFin Pay through our open APIs, and enjoy our full-stack technology support globally.